Upgrading an existing system can make an excellent, cost effective, alternative to buying a whole new PC.

At Brue Computing we can carry out a wide range of upgrades to PCs and laptops to help extend the useful life and improve the performance of your computer.

System upgrades can take the form of improved processors, memory, hard drives and graphics cards, amongst others, and we take the time to discuss your requirements with you to find the most appropriate changes to meet your needs.

Our expertise in carrying out performance testing over a wide range of systems makes us uniquely positioned to give guidance on how to improve your existing PC in the most cost effective way possible. We will never recommend an upgrade which we do not believe will make a genuine improvement, and for older systems we can supply and fit second hand parts where new parts are not available or not economical.

If you’re interested in upgrading your system then contact us to discuss your requirements and the options available.